If you're like me, you have movies, photos and documents lying all over many folders, external hard disks and memory cards.

What is where? This app help you to locate your movies, photos, music and documents.

Works with Google Chrome

Please notice!

You'll need to enable javascript to use FileGekko.

You'll also need to use Google Chrome browser.

FileGekko uses the latest HTML5 features, which are supported only on latest Google Chrome browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use FileGekko with my Mozilla, IE or Safari browser?

No, unfortunately no other browser than Google Chrome supports the needed HTML5 features, meaning you need Google Chrome to use FileGekko.

I have deleted files from the disk, but they still show up in FileGekko.

That's correct. FileGekko can't get information of file additions or deletions. Remove the changed location and scan it again.

I removed all movies in FileGekko. Are my files now deleted from the disk?

No, don't worry, you files are still on the disk. FileGekko doesn't touch any files on your disk or in your folders.

What use is search for multiple files?

Sometimes we make backups by copying folders here and there. You might end up having many copies of same files. Well organized files and folders are better protected and use less disk space. FileGekko helps you to achieve this.

What use is search for single files?

If you want to backup your files by having a copy on another disk, single files can be used to show you the files that have not yet been backed up.

Sometimes location is blue or red. Why?

First duplicate file (same name, size and date) on different location could be a backup copy, and is blue. Other duplicate files (same location, more than 2 copies) are red.

How many files can FileGekko handle?

I have some 250.000 files myself (mostly photos). Some operations become slower, but FileGekko can handle it well.

I love it! I'd like to see all files from my computers, disks and tablets in one place, is that possible?

I'm glad if you like it. At the moment all data is stored locally on the computer that you use it on, if you really would like to have support for multiple computers, please drop me a email.


FileGekko is a HTML5 application provided by Gekko-Labs.
Matti Peteri is the man behind FileGekko and Gekko-Labs. Matti is a Finnish longtime software engineer and micro-entrepreneur.

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